20 - 21 August, 2019 | Manila, Philippines

Pre-Conference Workshops

8:30 am - 11:00 am Workshop A: Shared Services 101 – Designing, Planning and Implementing Global (or regional) Business Services in the Philippines

Jenie Policar - Director – Performance Management and Optimisation, Vestas Shared Services
Setting up a Shared Services Centre enables organizations to improve internal efficiency within a large group of companies, and in many cases, act as a stepping stone towards outsourcing. Additional benefits of centralizing operations include reduced costs, better analysis of existing data, and an increased quality in services. However, critical to the success of a new SSC is having a detailed business plan to consolidate functions and manage the transformation. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn from the Head of Vestas Shared Services on how to get the concept right at the outset, and build your business case based on a clear and strategic roadmap, including:
·         Developing a clear roadmap for business transformation
·         Identifying long term goals for continuous growth
·         Building effective governance models
·         Understanding the industry challenges and preparing for them ahead
·         Learn from companies who have set-up their SSC in the Philippines, on what they did and what they would do differently

Jenie Policar

Director – Performance Management and Optimisation
Vestas Shared Services

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm Workshop B: Positioning Finance as a Strategic Business Partner to your Organization

Luz Karleen S. Dela Cruz - Head of Finance Shared Services, San Miguel Foods, Inc.
Expert surveys state that the organizations that outperform other organizations spend considerably more time, i.e. approximately 23% on Business Partnering. While, most back-office operations are capable of successful business partnering, finance is arguably in the most powerful position when it comes to effective business partnering given the wealth of data that exists within a successful finance department. As such, finance departments can often make a valuable contribution to decision making, commercial negotiations and strategy.However, we should not assume that business partnering is essential for all organizations.
In this deep-dive workshop, you can learn how an organization can develop an effective business partnering model with its finance department, what factors should be considered before partnering, and how to avoid the common and less common pitfalls of business partnering. 
·         Laying the foundation to manage the evolution of Finance from a transactional activity to a strategic business partner
·         Identifying the elements that contribute to successful partnering
·         Understanding the common pitfalls and overcoming these challenges 

Luz Karleen S. Dela Cruz

Head of Finance Shared Services
San Miguel Foods, Inc.

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm Workshop C: New Service Delivery Models For Business Growth

Jean-Claude de Vera - Former Vice President, GBS, LafargeHolcim
The key to establishing any successful SSC lies in having a robust operating and service delivery model which has the stability and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the organization, thereby ensuring plans for future growth can be achieved. However, there is no one perfect model that all SSCs can adopt or develop from scratch. Organizations should be equipped to build on the service delivery process that is already in place, strengthen what works and transform the rest in a process of continuous improvement. In this workshop you will learn:
·         What objectives are driving the selection of appropriate Service Delivery Models
·         How more distributed models can reinforce Governance on scope extension and service delivery
·         How new SDMs are allowing GBS to better contribute to profitable growth and to working capital initiatives
·         What enabling technologies and tools are supporting performance monitoring, compliance and continuous improvements

Jean-Claude de Vera

Former Vice President, GBS