Workshop A

8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Shared Services 101 – the Fundamentals of Strategic Planning & Implementation

Robert Love, Director, Finance Shared Services, Schneider Electric
It has always been a difficult journey of setting up a new shared services centre. How can you ensure a smooth transformation and valuable services delivered back to the business?

Join this workshop to learn hands-on essential steps to plan, launch, stabilize and transform a new shared services centre, including structure design, process transformation, service definition, talent management and benchmarks for effective implementation.

  • Cost-benefit analysis for picking the right location to balance the cost, convenience and talent pool
  • Building a solid business case to gain senior management buy in to ensure smooth transformation and efeective communications
  • Common implementation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • What factors can make the implementation go quicker
  • How to select SSC talent and re-allocate them in the right role
  • Designing benchmark system to review the implementation regularly
  • Making service rehearsals the final phase of preparation to run real life business
  • Issues prior to launch

Robert Love

Director, Finance Shared Services
Schneider Electric

Workshop B

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Productivity Please! Driving Continuous Improvement in your SSC, with your Customers in Mind

Automation and cost-savings are important, but not at the expense of Customer Satisfaction (User Experience). SSC’s reason for being is providing scale and efficiency for the company, thus, “innovation” and “continuous improvement” culture is a must as part of the organization’s daily operations.

  • Driving continuous improvement culture: Processes and Tools
  • Developing an end-to-end view/strategy of processes vs. focusing only on the Service
  • Engaging the customers in process and solutions design/re-design

Workshop D

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Operationalising RPA - Tips and Tricks to Set Up and Implement RPA in Your SSC

Tilak Banerjee, Director, Global Business Services, Dell Technologies
The hottest topic regarding technology in the SSO industry has clearly been how Robotic Process Automation has the potential to revolutionise the way SS&O executives conduct their business, including how it impacts their employees and how transformation can be digitised. Over 30% of SSCs and GBS leaders stated that RPA was #1 on their list of technology priorities. However, most in the Philippines market seem to be at the early stages of RPA planning and implementation. Challenges include the process selection, automation, and talent preparation.
In this session, you will hear from early adopters who have achieved significant efficiency improvements and cost reduction from RPA implementation. They will share the journey through detailed case studies to lead you from the very beginning.
· What is needed to achieve business benefit from technology capabilities by proper governance and robust change management
· Examining how RPA is deployed in shared services organisations as the next transformation level for cost reduction and efficiency improvement
· Tacking the challenges of process selection, standardisation and automation for the effective implementation of RPA
· Developing policies and procedures to ensure governance and deal with security concerns
· Talent Management: Will talent be replaced by RPA and how to develop talent from different function departments for technology enabling
· Case Studies: Early adopters of RPA demonstrate how they achieved positive business results from deploying RPA

Tilak Banerjee

Director, Global Business Services
Dell Technologies